Tips to Do Small Business Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

A lot of small businesses don’t allocate much money to their marketing budget. But even a little bit of money can go a long way, especially when marketing online. The internet presents a great opportunity to even a one-person business who has the ability to use the web to reach a wide audience — with minimal spend. The right business marketing technique can help you take a small business marketing budget and grow your business substantially.Search Engine OptimisationOne tip to grow your small business with the internet is to optimise your website so that it is search engine friendly. Learn as much as you can about SEO (search engine optimisation) so you can get free traffic. It does take effort to optimise your site so that search engines take notice but this costs considerably less than many other marketing methods and it is the most effective form of online marketing there is. If your website is the first result when people search for the product or service you sell, you have a good chance of making a sale. There are small business SEO specialists that can help you do this.Search engine marketing techniques, such as pay per click campaigns, can be effective but they cost money per click and not every paid click will result in a sale. When you have an optimised site that attracts people naturally, you are going to get more results. The fact that it will cost you less than, say, a Google AdWords campaign means that you can do more with less in terms of marketing budgets. Many small businesses divide some of their budget between pay per click campaigns and organic SEO. This can be a good approach. Try to dominate both the left and the right side of the search engine results pages and this increases your marketing reach without breaking the bank.Social Media OptimisationSmall businesses often build their business on relationships. Social media tools allow you to do that. You can use social marketing tools to help you reach your customers so that you can get new customers and so that you can sell repeatedly to existing customers. Social tools can also help you optimise your website for search engines as well as create follower lists so that your updates are read. These tools don’t cost money; they cost time and effort. You may want to have a social marketing guru help you figure out which of the many tools out there could provide you with the maximum return on your investment and some marketing companies will take on the outsourcing of your social marketing campaign for you.Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be marketing. Small business marketing consultants can help you — even if you cannot spend tens of thousands on marketing each month.